LinkedIn Training for Executives


Give your executives social media training customized to the needs of your company.

  • Help them upgrade their LinkedIn profiles, so everyone maintains a strong LinkedIn presence.
  • Teach them the latest LinkedIn best practices for engaging with customers, partners, and employees.
  • Show them how to support and amplify the company’s social media campaigns.

These webinars incorporate your marketing message and branding, as well as the resources you provide to your executive team, such as employee advocacy programs and in-house communications support.

They address the specific issues common to your team. We review the LinkedIn presence of the participants ahead of time, focus on the issues that will provide the greatest benefit, and draw attention to your in-house successes – executives who are already doing a great job in some aspect of their social media presence.

Webinars can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes long. They can be recorded and archived for later viewing by executives who were unable to attend live as well as new additions to the team.

These are the most popular training webinars:

LinkedIn Profile Glow-Up

Show your team how to use their LinkedIn profiles to tell their story effectively, impress people, build trust, and create opportunities to engage. This webinar introduces five simple enhancements they can make to their LinkedIn profiles, each of which takes just a few minutes and can be completed during the webinar. The result is more polished, professional, and effective profiles in just an hour.

LinkedIn Best Practices

Give your executives best practices for using LinkedIn on a day-to-day basis: who to connect with and how to reach out, how to nurture relationships, how to customize and personalize posts, how often and when to post, and how to maximize engagement.

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