LinkedIn Sales Training

Give Your Sales Team Training in LinkedIn Best Practices

Would you like to give your sales team training in LinkedIn best practices so all of them can get better results from LinkedIn?

Regardless of where each executive is in their experience and skill at using LinkedIn, we will help them get to the next level.

In this series of webinars, we focus on mastering the most important aspects of using LinkedIn. The training is customized for each group, using their LinkedIn profiles and examples specific to the type of prospects they are targeting. With personalized content it becomes much easier to be successful quickly.

Each webinar builds on what was learned in previous webinars. So instead of a training program that is done once and forgotten, they get the opportunity to explore LinkedIn in-depth and bring back questions as they try new techniques. This also helps hold them accountable for using what they have learned.

We track progress using LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index, so you have proof that your team’s activity on LinkedIn is continuously improving throughout the training – and afterwards!

Choose from the following topics, which can be delivered on-site training or via webinar.

1. How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Dynamic & Exciting

We go through the most important sections of the LinkedIn profile, talking about how to use each section effectively. We share tips and formulas that make writing easier. Recommendations are personalized for the group.

2. LinkedIn Prospecting Techniques

Learn the latest strategies for introducing yourself to new prospects, following up, and getting conversations started using LinkedIn. Even experienced LinkedIn users will pick up new tips and techniques. We cover:

  • Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lead Builder to search for prospects
  • Four ways to introduce yourself
  • Five ways to follow up
  • How to avoid penalties and problems on LinkedIn

3. How to Build Relationships Using LinkedIn

Whether you are prospecting, expanding within a current client account, or creating a referral network, building relationships has substantial value. Learn techniques for nurturing relationships using LinkedIn. We cover:

  • How to like, share & comment effectively
  • How to leverage conferences and events
  • How to build relationships by giving and asking for small favors
  • Simple ways to keep your name in front of your connections

4. How to Be Interesting in Social Media

Once you have people paying attention to you, you want to keep them interested and engaged. We cover:

  • What type of posts are appropriate for LinkedIn and Twitter
  • The kind of posts most likely to be liked and shared
  • Where to find quality information to share
  • Timing your updates
  • How to raise your profile at conferences and other events

5. How to Build a Reputation for Thought Leadership Using LinkedIn

Sales executives who are perceived as thought leaders are included in the sales process at an earlier stage and have more opportunity to influence the sale. LinkedIn provides an ideal way to demonstrate thought leadership. We cover:

  • What types of information to share in status updates
  • How to do status updates
  • How to let people see you are sharing their content
  • Reasons to blog
  • The simplest way start blogging
  • How to get readers for your blog

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