LinkedIn Advertising

Get your thought leadership – blog posts and videos – in front of the exact people you want to reach. 

LinkedIn’s advertisements provide an excellent way to generate leads and build brand awareness. We set up the advertising campaigns, then manage and optimize them.

LinkedIn’s advertising options include:

  • Sponsored Content – These ads put your blog post, video or event into the news feed of the exact people you want to reach. Thousands of people see the information, helping you gain more exposure and brand awareness. You only pay when someone clicks through to learn more.
  • Lead Gen Forms – Designed to make signing up easier for people on mobile devices, these ads automatically populate your form with information from the individual’s LinkedIn profile. You can download the responses, making it easy to track results and follow up.
  • Sponsored InMails – These messages go directly into the LinkedIn inbox of the people you want to reach. We write the messages for you and design a small display ad that appears with your InMails. These ads work best when there is a strong call-to-action. We can set them up so 10 or more go out automatically each day, effectively automating your prospecting.
  • Matched Audiences – Target audiences already pre-disposed to respond, such as your newsletter list, a conference mailing list, or people who have visited your website. We can upload a list of email addresses (which LinkedIn will match to their users). Or we can upload a list of companies, and LinkedIn will find the people at those companies with your desired titles or other criteria.

We test the different types of LinkedIn advertisements to determine which is most effective for you. Once we know what works, the campaigns can be optimized and scaled. We can continue to manage the campaigns or you can bring the work in-house.

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