Giving Green

Aug 1, 2011 | Marketing, Public relations

Put a fresh spin on your next nurture campaign with these “green ideas”. As with any nurture campaign keep it relevant to your client, keep it simple and your nurturing will be well received.
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Sometimes where and how to begin can be more daunting than the actual task. The Green Guide to Greening Your Office can provide that nudge or bit of encouragement to a client or can offer simple reminders for those that do make green living part of their daily routine. Personalize it by marking your favorite tip. This book can be imprinted on the front cover with your logo and contact information for an additional fee.

Okay, I know it’s a little cheesy, but you have to admit, it makes you smile. And if your client is going to smile wouldn’t it be nice if they are looking at your logo at the same time?There are a variety of all-in-one plant kits available; if a smiling pot with feet doesn’t fit, you can definitely find one that does.

green giving marketing company business

Reduce, reuse, 100% recycled lunch tote! Great for promoting healthy living or improved health; what better way to start than by healthy eating! For added personalization include a few easy to make/pack lunch box recipes cards (with your logo on them, of course).

green giving marketing company business

Tree in a Box contains all the materials to plant a tree. These kits are biodegradable, organic, recycled and recyclable. The book and box are printed on high-grade recycled paper with soy inks. Organic biodegradable peat pots are used and everything is packaged in the smallest and tightest possible format to reduce waste. Kits are assembled by hand locally, from their Portland, Oregon location. Boxes can even be customized with your logo. Now that’s some green giving!

green giving marketing company business

My #1 favorite green gift is (drum roll) the Recycled Cardboard Mouse Pad. What a fabulous way to show case your logo. It is understated, nice detail and most important … IT IS EASY TO MAIL!! Love this.

I think most would agree that green living is here to stay. Some people choose to go “bright green,” others prefer a soft hue of green in their life. However you decide make sure your choice is appropriate for your client and something you think they would appreciate.

Have a Green Day!

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