Get Your Leadership Team On-brand and On-message

 Some members of your leadership team appreciate the value of social media, others have a LinkedIn profile that has not been updated in years. A couple are so outdated they even have the wrong employer.

Your executives have impressive experience and accomplishments, but you can’t see that in their LinkedIn profiles or their activity in social. They are not telling the company story consistently. They are not on-brand, and they are not on-message.

With their large networks and reputation, if you could get them posting and engaging, it would really benefit the business.

But they don’t know what to do. And they are too busy running the business to take the time learn.

Let’s talk!

We will evaluate their current online presence and give you feedback on what their presence is saying about the company now. Then tell us what you want to accomplish. We will share some ideas, tell you if we think we’re a fit, and how we might be able to help.

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“Our executives are true visionaries, but that wasn’t visible on LinkedIn until we worked with ProResource to build out the personal brand for each executive. Collaborative in their approach, the ProResource team was committed to helping us crystallize our message and align our efforts. Now each exec’s profile reflects who they are — professionally and personally — and we can use their presence to increase brand awareness and support our upcoming launches.”


Janet Lyons, Senior Marketing Campaigns Manager

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