Excellent LinkedIn CRO & VP of Sales Profiles 2022

With almost all of your business interactions now virtual, your online presence has gone from a nice-to-have to absolutely essential. Today, Chief Revenue Officers wield their powerful, social media personas as critical business tools. Here are CROs who do an excellent job with their LinkedIn presence. They use LinkedIn’s newest features, engage with both internal and external stakeholders, and define their personal brand.

Lani Phillips Microsoft

Sherlaender Phillips (Lani)

Lani’s profile is a spectacular example of a leader with a powerful vision. Her profile and header graphic present a powerful backdrop for her comprehensive headline. Her About section speaks to her work experience and current role as a VP of sales with Microsoft and highlights industry accomplishments and personal philosophy. Her Featured and Experience sections work in tandem to further drive her aforementioned points, and her listed Publications, Honors, and Awards are a testament to her success.

Jimmy Rodgers Splunk

Jimmy Rodgers

Jimmy’s innovative use of visuals makes his profile easy to admire. His header graphic promotes Splunk and its recent accomplishments, while his profile photo gives the impression that he’s ready to lean into new conversations with his connections. His Featured section uses infographics and imagery to offer eye-catching insights into the VP of sales’ journey, which he goes into more deeply in his About and Experience sections.

Jaclyn Lanasa Zscaler

Jaclyn Lanasa

The combination of Jaclyn’s graphic choices, headline, and About section deliver a confident and effective message about this regional VP of sales at Zscaler. She uses her Featured section to talk about her work in her previous roles at Cisco as well as the organizations she volunteers for and her passions. Jaclyn’s commitment and capabilities are further reinforced by her detailed Volunteer experiences.

Sam Alkharrat Chief Partner Officer at Workday

Sam Alkharrat

Sam’s profile emphasizes his Skill level and industry impact at a glance, with high levels of endorsements from his network and thorough entries in his Experience section. The link to his appearance in Arabian Computer News magazine’s cover story provides a stellar conversation starter for the CRO in his Featured section. By highlighting his board service and his current role with Workday, Sam presents the picture of a trusted global leader with a strong voice and a bright future.

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Mridula Saini VP of Sales at IKASI

Mridula Saini

Mridula showcases her individuality with a custom header graphic and then drives home her distinctive approach with the content in her Featured section. The About section details her vision and elaborates on how her commitment to her career leads to significant success. In the Experience section, Mridula uses specific links and examples to elaborate on each role, such as her current position as CRO and VP of sales with IKASI. She exhibits dedication with an impressive list of Licenses and Certifications.

John Scott VP of Sales at IBM

John Scott

John’s profile documents his steady and consistent rise through the years to become a VP of sales at IBM, demonstrating how to showcase growth from role to role. He goes into great detail in his About section, which is cleverly broken into categories that mention particular accomplishments. John thoughtfully curates articles in his Featured section to illuminate recent company news, and he solidifies his position as a knowledgeable leader with his impressive list of Licenses & Certifications.

Lori Harmon LinkedIn

Lori Harmon

Lori’s profile is a perfect example of a comprehensive and polished online presence. Her customized header graphic illustrates her confidence and leadership in professional situations, while her headline offers attention-getting and relevant keywords that will place her higher in search results. Lori’s detailed About section provides insights into some of her biggest achievements, which she expands on in her Experience entries.

Richard Primm VP of Sales at SAP

Richard Primm

Richard’s profile and header graphic are both in black and white, which offers a beautiful monochromatic synergy to his VP of sales profile. His Featured section emphasizes his visual choice even further and dives into his passion for surfing and how he relates that to his career journey. In his richly detailed Experience section, Richard expands on his current role with SAP and his previous roles, which are then substantiated by his Skills and Recommendations.

David Mackay VP of Sales at Daylight

David Mackay

David’s profile offers an excellent example of using one’s LinkedIn presence to balance his life’s professional and personal sides. His header graphic is a nod to his time in Toronto and his time as a competitive international-level alpine skier. By using his About and Featured section to showcase accomplishments, experiences, and thought leadership, visitors are offered deeper insight into his personality and work ethic, as well as his role with Daylight.

Joe Kaddis VP of Sales Anaplan

Joe Kaddis

Beginning with his About section, Joe lets us know that there are two important elements in his professional life: his substantial background in business technology and his dedication to rescuing dogs. Joe highlights these important commitments in his Featured section, making it easy to see how much his work means to him. His Experience section, including his current role as VP of sales for Anaplan, is rich in detail and keywords. His volunteer experience conveys how his passion for saving dogs became a dual career and family business.

Make My LinkedIn Profile as Good as These CROs

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