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Mar 2, 2009 | Blogging


Alex Mandossian, an Internet marketing guru, tried something interesting recently. He sent out an email to his list, which probably numbers in the 100,000+ range, and asked people to read his blog.

First, he surveyed his list and asked whether people wanted 2 posts per week or 3. By a tiny margin, they said 2.

So he asked people to go visit his blog every Tuesday and Thursday because he would have a post there on those days at 8:44am.

And he asked them to promise to read his posts and comment on them.


First of all, that’s a lot of nerve. But kudos to him for having the courage to ask.

And I am one of the people who agreed to do it. Now, I’m not going to take the trouble to actually go there, but I set up a Feedburner and have his posts brought to my email. And most weeks I read them, which is something I would never have done if he hadn’t asked.

But he did ask, and I’m doing it.

Pretty impressive.

There’s a lesson here… If you want more people to read your blog, try asking them.

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