Marketing Changes for the Recession

MarketingSherpa just released a chart showing the changes companies are making in their marketing tactics because of the economy. They did their survey at the end of September, which is before the worst hit, but this shows a lot of the same things we are seeing with our clients. Both […]

Marketing Every Small Software Company Should Be Doing

So you know where I’m coming from, here are the topĀ 9 types of marketing I believe virtually every small software company should be doing: Pay-per-click advertisements (Google ads) Public relations Nurture program Search engine optimization Education strategy Email newsletters Flash demos Referrals Get Creative You can get a fuller explanation […]

Marketing ideas for small software companies

This blog is for all the CEOs of small software companies who are committed to taking their companies to the next level, despite having only a small marketing budget. These ideas are things I see other companies doing that you can copy. Some are strategic; others are purely tactical. Some […]

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