Use a Blog to Share Your Insights & Position Yourself as an Authority

Imagine having your own blog, where you regularly share your insights and advice… Imagine people telling you how much they enjoyed your most recent post, how they forwarded it to colleagues and friends… Imagine partners telling you that they had been looking for a company like yours and discovered you through one of your blog posts…

You’ve probably already heard that you should blog.

People who know and respect you have told you they think your ideas are worth sharing. Your marketing team has told you blogging is a valuable strategy for branding. Your employees want to hear from you.

But you haven’t done it yet, right?

Blogging can feel like a big commitment. You worry about coming up with enough ideas. You need to find the time to write. You want someone to edit and proofread. And you need to get graphics from somewhere.  


Blogging Made Easy

When you have our help with your blog posts, you will find it simple to get started and even easier to keep going.

  • We suggest topics. If you run out of ideas, let us suggest some. We know what works.
  • We write for you. Even if you love to write, it’s hard to find time. And everyone finds it a challenge to start with a blank page, waiting for inspiration to strike. With our approach, it’s much easier. We strategize about topics ahead of time, then you talk about the topic over the phone. You can do this call while you are commuting or waiting at the airport. Then we organize your thoughts and deliver a first draft.
  • We find images. A strong image attracts readers, but it can be time-consuming to find just the right image. We select a copyright-safe image or our graphic designer creates one for you.
  • We publish for you. We format the blog post and publish it on LinkedIn.

“Judy and her team always come up with great ideas for monthly blog posts and LinkedIn marketing activities. The blog posts are always so professionally written that they hardly ever require revising which saves a lot of my time. I’ve been very happy with the outcome of all of the services the ProResource team have provided us.”

Pekka Moilanen

Marketing Director, Vertex Systems

Professional Blog Copywriters

Your blog is written by a professional blog writer. Most of our writers are former journalists, so they know how to write a compelling story that keeps people interested and engaged.

They capture your voice, so your blog posts sound like you wrote them.

Your blog posts are written using best practices, with a strong headline, an interesting beginning that draws in readers, and a call to action at the end. They are also keyword-optimized and tagged to make them more findable.

“I am very pleased with the blog posts from my ProResource team. Sue and Mona understand exactly what I want to say, and what they deliver hits every point I intended to express. I have received very positive feedback from colleagues and partners. I look forward to continued success with ProResource!”

Mike Caggiano

Robert Half Executive Search

Grow Your Audience

Blog posts published on LinkedIn are visible by your network – and the network of anyone who engages with your post. They are also easily found by anyone googling your topic.

If you want your blog post to be seen by more people – or by specific types of people – we can use LinkedIn ads to insert your blog post into the news feed of the exact people you want to reach.

Thousands of people see that you have written a blog post, so you build your reputation and brand awareness. You only pay when someone is interested enough to click on your blog post.

Most of the clients who do this spend $500-1000/month. But you can invest at any level, with controls to ensure you don’t go over budget. 


Start with One Blog Post per Month

We have several pricing options, depending on how frequently you want to blog. One blog post per month is a good place to start for a CEO, but we can publish more frequently if you want.

Your time commitment is about one hour per blog – it couldn’t be easier. 


Take the Next Step!

Schedule a free 15-minute call so we can talk about what you would like to accomplish, and you can see if our blogging service is a good fit for you.