Wondering What Web 2.0 Marketing Includes?

Feb 17, 2009 | Web 2.0

If you have been hearing a lot about Web 2.0 marketing, and are wondering what that means, take a look at this chart from MarketingSherpa.

I don’t agree that online news distribution is Web 2.0, but the rest of the items are:
– Participating in professional or social networks, such as LinkedIn and Facebook
– Commenting in forums, online communities, discussion groups and listservs
– Blogging
– Posting on other people’s blogs
– Advertising in social networks or on blogs
– User reviews or ratings

I would add:
– Creating videos for YouTube and other video sharing sites
– Doing podcasts
– Twittering

It’s interesting that Web 2.0 is much like traditional marketing, unfortunately. The things that work best are the least measurable.

The good news is that Web 2.0 is one of the least expensive marketing strategies you can employ. So if your budget is smaller than it used to be, take 1-2 hours a week and participate in some of these Web 2.0 activities. You’ll begin relationships with prospects, partners, and influencers you wouldn’t have had otherwise – and it will be practically free.

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