SocialVelocity social media coaching for executives

Your SocialVelocity coach can work with you on basic LinkedIn capabilities, such as:

  • How to update your LinkedIn profile
  • How to import connections
  • How to send an InMail
  • How to do a status update
  • How to define your privacy and security settings
  • How to choose the version of LinkedIn that is right for you

Or you can focus on more advanced strategies:

  • How to do the “LinkedIn dance”
  • How to use Lead Builder to build a prospecting database
  • How to use tags to organize your contacts
  • How to create an editorial calendar for your LinkedIn blog
  • How to set up advertising campaigns

Your coach can also teach you our unique processes:

  • How we use LinkedIn for lead generation
  • How to use LinkedIn to promote events
  • How to use LinkedIn to validate your product launch strategy
  • How to use LinkedIn to debug your marketing
  • How to use LinkedIn to build a talent pool
  • How to use LinkedIn to build a referral network

You can work on Twitter too:

  • How to set up a Twitter account
  • How to grow your followers
  • What to share on Twitter
  • How to use hashtags
  • How to use Twitter at events

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