Video Coaching & Video Production Pricing

Get comfortable creating high-quality, engaging video that builds your brand and promotes your business when you work one-on-one with our video coach.

All of these options are virtual, meaning our coach can easily work with you regardless of where you are located. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your office.

5-Session Coaching Package – $995

This package is perfect for anyone who wants individualized advice, support, and feedback for LinkedIn video that you create on their own. First, our video expert helps you plan out your first video, working together on the theme, script, visuals, etc. From there, you’ll have four additional 30-minute sessions, each focusing on a specific aspect of your video. This is a real back-and-forth collaboration where you’ll produce the video, but all with the support of a LinkedIn video expert.

Full-Service Video Production: Scripted Format

Create your first video in collaboration with a video coach. Once you have the first one completed, you’ll have the confidence to do more! First, you have a planning call with your coach. She asks you a variety of questions about your business, what you’d like to say in your video, and what your goals are. She drafts a script, which you can revise. Then she coaches you on what to wear, how to style and light your “set,” and practices with you before recording. Then she edits the video, adds captions, and delivers the finished video straight to your inbox.

One Video: $1495
3-Video Package: $2995
8-Video Package (one each week for 2 months): $6995

Full-Service Video Production: Interview Format

A more casual approach to video messaging, the interview format does not require a script, although responses can be planned out ahead of time. You are interviewed on camera by the video coach, a former TV producer. This can be easier than working with a script, and you’re not the only one on camera. To get started, you talk with your video coach about your goals and the topics you want to discuss. You also talk about what to wear and how to style and light your “set.” After brainstorming potential questions and answers, you practice the discussion. When you are ready, she begins recording.

One Video: $995
3-Video Package: $1995

Not sure which type of video coaching is right for you? Schedule a free 15-minute call. We can talk about what you want to accomplish with native video and see if we can help.