Top 5 Reasons Senior Execs Don’t Use Social Media (and Why That Should Change)

When it comes to business best practices, every company knows they have to have a presence in social media. I mean, it’s 2018, folks. But, it’s funny — while senior executives at every level of corporate America insist that their company have a vibrant multi-platform social media presence, they aren’t […]

Bitcoin, Blockchain, Branding, and Tomatoes

Bitcoin, Blockchain, Branding, and Tomatoes

Super-techy, hyper-nerdy, and uber-popular – do you know the latest “it” technology exploding on the scene? If your vocabulary doesn’t include Bitcoin, you are so 2017. But cryptocurrencies aren’t the entire story – Bitcoin is based on a new approach to information technology and security called blockchain, and that’s the […]

What’s Next for LinkedIn?

linkedin microsoft acquisition

With the announcement yesterday that Microsoft is acquiring LinkedIn for $26.2 billion, there is a lot of speculation about why. While many people believe the primary value of LinkedIn is the master database of 433 million professionals and executives, I agree with Grant Feller, who wrote “This is the Real […]

Should You Connect With Competitors on LinkedIn?

You most likely know your competitors. And know them well. You study their websites. You check out their social media profiles and updates. You listen to them on Twitter. (Tip: Create a private list called “Competitors” and add them to the list for easy checking.) What about LinkedIn? Do anything […]

How to Check Out an Angel Investor Using LinkedIn

Startups that appear on TV show “Shark Tank” have one advantage over the rest of us. They don’t have to do much research on the investors, aka sharks. Any of them would make a valuable investor. Companies will almost always take their call. Everyone knows these sharks have great success […]

Best 5 Blog Posts: Traditional Sales Funnel vs. the Customer Decision Journey

“Is the traditional sales funnel dead? Is it obselete? Is there even a structure to follow anymore?” The old sales funnel may not be recognizable, but there’s still a framework for marketers and salespeople to use as a guide. It is important to understand that the thought process a potential […]

Why Do Marketing Testing During Beta

Beta testing marketing isn’t the same thing as marketing beta software. (Are you confused yet?) The latter involves distributing software to the media, big customers, publishers and trainers who write manuals for the software. That’s an important part of your launch, but before you do that, you want to beta […]

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