3 Tools to Help Small Tech Companies Find Influencers

A small technology company doesn’t have time to search thousands of contacts to find the right people who can write a blog post or article, share information on social media or invite them to write a guest post on their website. These right people are influencers who have a large […]

How to Check Out an Angel Investor Using LinkedIn

Startups that appear on TV show “Shark Tank” have one advantage over the rest of us. They don’t have to do much research on the investors, aka sharks. Any of them would make a valuable investor. Companies will almost always take their call. Everyone knows these sharks have great success […]

Best 5 Blog Posts: Intro to Lean Startup

If you have been hearing people talk about Lean Startup (including me), and want a quick way to come up to speed on the basic concepts, these 5 blog posts give you a solid introduction. Creating the Lean Startup – here’s a summary of the book The Lean Startup Methodology […]

Startup Marketing: How to get your first customers fast

The first thing a tech startup needs to do in finding customers is to describe its ideal clients. Nail down the characteristics of this target audience. Many marketers create personas that go as far as identifying the client’s gender, age, lifestyle, challenges and so on. For example, identifying “IT managers” […]

Market Research for Tech Startups

You may have a great idea for your tech startup, yet it may have room for improvement to ensure you produce something that fulfills the customers’ needs and wants. Market research helps you do that by identifying market need, market size, competitors, and the ideal customer. Before you start the […]

5 Steps to Get the Most Out of Meetup.com

Networking events provide startups with an avenue to find investors, customers, talent, partners and many other resources. So how do you find networking events near you and that fit the needs of your startup? Meetup (www.meetup.com) helps you identify nearby networking groups based on location and group profile. Visit the […]