Use This Simple Method to ‘Debug’ Marketing Before Your Product Launch

marketing testing

When you are about to launch a new product, there are many things that keep you awake at night… Is there a major flaw you haven’t discovered yet, despite all your testing? Is the pricing strategy you have chosen the right one? Will you be ready to launch on time? […]

Want More LinkedIn Connections? Tips for Importing Lists

Importing email lists into LinkedIn to grow your connections is difficult at best. There’s no effective way to import a list and personalize a message to that list. We’ve tried it on several of our team members’ accounts, both free and premium. Here we describe the process so you know […]

Why Do Marketing Testing During Beta

Beta testing marketing isn’t the same thing as marketing beta software. (Are you confused yet?) The latter involves distributing software to the media, big customers, publishers and trainers who write manuals for the software. That’s an important part of your launch, but before you do that, you want to beta […]

The Role of Marketing During Beta Testing

Beta testing isn’t just for software development – this is a critical time for marketing too. In the same way that your beta period allows you to get feedback from real-world users and discover hidden bugs, your beta period should be used to test your marketing and find the bugs […]

Do You Test Your Marketing Message?

A software company contacted us to share their tale of woe. They had invested a considerable amount in several marketing campaigns that produced fruitless results. They believed they needed to work with a marketing agency – they wanted agency expertise. But they had concerns about hiring a new marketing agency […]