Building Trust Online: Make Your Clients Look Good

I subscribe to emails from a client’s competitor to stay in the loop on what the competitor is doing. In an email, the competitor announced receiving rave reviews from a website that provides impartial coverage of its industry. Curious, I went to the website to search for my client’s product. […]

Building Trust Online: Make Prospects Look Good

Everyone wants to look connected, knowledgeable and successful. When you help your prospects look good to the people who matter to them, they feel good about you, which helps build trust. How can you make them look good? One way is giving them information they can pass along to others. […]

Building Trust Online: Show You Care

Researchers have found that what we do with our faces affects how we feel. When we smile, we feel lighter and happier. A person undergoing an uncomfortable procedure with a frown has a greater chance of experiencing more pain than a person who doesn’t frown. Try this on for size… […]

Building Trust Online: Stay in Touch

I came across an article on a topic of a past discussion with a client. I emailed the client a simple note saying the article reminded me of our conversation and thought he’d find it useful. Another client wrote an insightful blog post, so I linked to it from my […]

5 Steps to Keeping Your Marketing Database Clean

With more than 4,500 entries, my personal address book has gotten out of control. It’s all because of one Gmail feature that’s both a blessing and a curse: its ability to retain all email addresses. Although I could turn it off, it stays on because it has come in handy […]