What Makes a Blog Post Successful on LinkedIn?

linkedin publishing success

I often get asked how to write a blog post that will be successful on LinkedIn. A corresponding question: what does successful mean on this blogging platform? I’m not going to give you a formula, because there’s no one perfect way to succeed. However, successful LinkedIn blog posts share a […]

How to Connect with Top Influencers Using LinkedIn Updates

Everyone wants to connect with influencers. That’s because when they do it, visits to your website, article, [fill in the blank] explodes. Being associated with them can increase exposure for your brand and boost engagement with your clients and prospects. Before any of that happens, you need to build the […]

5 Ways to Support Charities on LinkedIn

Originally posted on LinkedIn  In the weeks leading up to Giving Tuesday a couple friends asked me the exact same question: “How can I use LinkedIn to generate support for a nonprofit?” Both friends serve on the boards of local charities. They have large networks, and would like to be […]

How to Build Your LinkedIn Network Strategically

How do you connect with people on LinkedIn? See their name pop up in the “People you might know” list? Receive an email from someone you haven’t heard from in ages? Perhaps meet new connections or run into colleagues at conferences and connect? This ad hoc approach of connecting on […]

Best 5 Blog Posts: Best LinkedIn Groups for B2B Marketing and Sales

Are you getting the most out of groups on LinkedIn? If not, you’re missing out on a huge amount of information, updates, tips, and networking opportunities. LinkedIn groups provide a great platform where you can share ideas and engage in discussion with potentially hundreds of thousands of like-minded people. This […]

4 Reasons You Need a LinkedIn Premium Account

Even if you’re not a recruiter or sales person, upgrading to the LinkedIn Premium plan for business professionals may still be worth the investment. LinkedIn offers four types of plans: LinkedIn Premium, recruiters, job seekers and sales professionals. LinkedIn Premium targets business owners and general professionals who want to find […]

How Social Media Affects the Customer Decision Journey

Marketing’s main goal is to reach customers at the right time when they’re ready to receive the specific message. For years, they have relied on the traditional purchasing funnel that begins with the wide end of the funnel where customers search for brands that offer potential solutions. The company does […]

9 Tips for Status Updates on Your Company’s Facebook Page

Some companies post and post and post yet no one comments or likes. They feel like they’re talking to a wall. One of the more common mistakes in companies’ Facebook marketing strategies is constantly marketing a product and linking to their own content. In other words, their Facebook page reads […]

How Will Gmail’s New Tabs Impact Email Marketing?

Gmail’s move to the new tabbed inbox layout has many marketers freaking out. They’re worried that all of their company’s emails will fall into Gmail’s new “Promotions” tab and their hard-won opted-in readers will stop reading. Just in case you’ve been on a long vacation and missed the news about […]

Nurture Marketing 2.0

Here is an approach to nurture marketing that is very similar to ours, courtesy of guest blogger Laura Like… One of the great results from connections is finding that someone else has arrived at the same destination from a different direction.  Nurture Marketing is the brainchild of Judy Schramm, CEO […]

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