Theme 3: Care about Quality

Oct 17, 2011 | credibility, Marketing, Nurture, Social media, Social Networking

Excellence in Your Business
A third theme for your social media marketing is quality.

Let people see that you care about quality and excellence. Everyone wants to know that if they buy from you, you will deliver as promised, and they will get good results.

Show them that you care about delivering a high quality product or excellent service.

You can do this in a lot of different ways…

You can respond quickly whenever any problems surface. Twitter is good for this – if anyone complains or has problems, you can let everyone see how quickly you respond and how helpful you are.

You can share customer quotes and testimonials that talk about how pleased people are with the quality of work that you do.

You can congratulate employees, subcontractors and partners who go above and beyond to deliver excellent results.

You can talk about what happened on those rare occasions when quality was not up to par – what did you do? How big a fuss did you make? How did you fix it?

Something that is very easy to do is to appreciate quality and excellence wherever you encounter it. If you received excellent service at a restaurant, share that. If your coffee was made perfectly, tell people. If you met someone who absolutely delighted you with their service, tell the story.

Talk about your initiatives to improve quality. Maybe you are a Six Sigma fan. Maybe you are a process fanatic. Maybe you are all about continuous improvement. Let people see that you care and that you are always working to improve. That impresses people!

Know your numbers – let people see that you monitor quality and track results. Talk about the improvements you see.

An extremely easy way to do this is to share quotes from people who talk about quality and excellence, like W. Edwards Deming.

The most important message here is that you care about making sure your customers have a good experience – that delivering quality is important to you. How do you let people see that excellence matters to you?

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