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For advanced LinkedIn users only…

You know the power of commenting on other people’s LinkedIn posts:

  • People keep an eye on who is engaging with their posts, even if someone else manages their LinkedIn account. Add an insightful comment, and you can bring yourself to the attention of some pretty famous and influential people.
  • That person’s audience can also see your post. When you engage with someone who has 50K+ followers, you can reach a lot of people!
  • The people who visit your profile can also see your comments. They get insight into how you think. And many will be impressed to see you engaging with thought leaders they respect.

But LinkedIn makes it hard to find those posts. You have to scroll through a news feed full of ads and news you don’t care about to find the interesting posts. Or maintain a list of profiles and click through on each one to see if they posted. You can use notifications to alert you when someone posts, but that interrupts your workflow and that particular post might not be useful for you.

It takes a lot of time to find interesting, relevant posts!

Let us find them for you.

We have a new program for advanced LinkedIn users that delivers daily posts you can comment on to raise your visibility. Here’s how it works:

Daily Links

Every weekday you receive an email with links to interesting posts from thought leaders. These posts are chosen because:

  • The person who posted is a LinkedIn Influencer who has a large and engaged audience.
  • The post is relevant to executives and decision makers, typically about leadership or management.
  • The post is easy to comment on. You don’t have to listen to a podcast or read a long article before you can contribute – you can add your opinion and insights in just a couple minutes.

The links are also kept in a Google Sheet. You can bookmark that page and click through on the day’s posts. This also makes it easy to get caught up if you don’t have time to comment every day.

LinkedIn Experts

Our team of LinkedIn experts is on call for you. When you have a question about a comment or aren’t sure how to handle a situation on LinkedIn, you can get answers from folks who live and breathe LinkedIn.

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Think of it like a gym for LinkedIn - and we're your personal trainer. We line up the weights for you and provide support as you do the workout.

You do have to lift the weights yourself (make your own comments on posts) because that's how you build your LinkedIn muscle (and develop your voice). We are right there with you, every step of the way!

This is the easiest and most fun way to promote yourself and develop your personal brand on LinkedIn.

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