Ideas For Educational Articles

Aug 15, 2011 | Content curation, Marketing, Nurture

ideas educational articles business marketingNeed ideas for articles that you can use in an email newsletter, a nurture program (email or regular mail), a blog, or just to add to your website to provide keyword fodder for search engines?

Here’s a list I came up with for clients:

  • What concepts people need to understand before they fully appreciate the value you provide
  • What steps you go through when you work with people
  • What your customers or clients should prepare before they start working with you
  • Why your company is better than competitors
  • What kind of clients you want (or don’t want)
  • What kind of results people should expect from working with you
  • Common objections you run into during the sales cycle (and how you deal with them)
  • Common misconceptions people have about the type of work you do
  • How people can get more out of what you do for them
  • Legal issues they need to be aware of
  • Financial issues they need to be aware of
  • Top 10 reasons to work with you
  • Worksheet that helps people figure out how much money they will save by working with you
  • What is different about the way your company does things
  • What kinds of things can go wrong with the type of work you do (and how you keep that from happening)
  • What people don’t know about your company (that you wish they did)

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