How to Outsource Marketing Successfully

Feb 20, 2009 | Marketing, SoftwareCEO, Uncategorized, Webinars | 1 comment

I did a 90-minute webinar yesterday for SoftwareCEO on How to Outsource Marketing Successfully. I’m pretty pleased with the way it went – I packed it with content that I’ve learned over the past 15 years spent on both sides of outsourcing – as a vendor that delivers marketing services to other firms, and as someone who manages marketing freelancers. There is a lot of useful information in there.

They have been nice enough to say I can provide a free download of the archived recording to 10 people. If you’re interested, email me at

Here’s what I covered…

General strategies for outsourcing and how to work with marketing freelancers:

–          What you need to do before you are ready to outsource (what info you need to gather, what decisions you need to make, what research you need to do)

–          Where to find good freelancers

–          How to interview freelancers; what to ask to find out if they know what they are doing

–          Tips for managing freelancers effectively

I also talked about specific strategies for getting better results for the 6 most commonly outsourced types of marketing: public relations, website redesign, search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, copywriting and graphic design.

–          What information you need to gather for the freelancer or agency

–          How much it is likely to cost, how long it will take

–          What specific questions to ask to probe the depth of their knowledge about that type of marketing

–          What status reports to ask for

–          What questions to ask at your monthly meeting

–          What problems are typical, how to see them early on, and what to do about them.

It will also be available for sale on CDs from SoftwareCEO, if you’d rather do that. (No, I don’t get a cut.)

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