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With almost all of your business interactions now virtual, your online presence has gone from a nice-to-have to absolutely essential. Today, CEOs wield their powerful, social media personas as critical business tools. Here are CEOs who do an excellent job with their LinkedIn presence. They use LinkedIn’s newest features, engage with both internal and external stakeholders, and define their personal brand.

This page has been updated for 2023. View the newest list of CEOs here.

Jett McCandless

Jett has a powerful and visually appealing presence on LinkedIn. You can immediately see the company’s vision in his header background graphic, and then your eye is lured down to his Featured section, where the first article highlights the company’s $1.2 billion valuation. His profile is rich with detail, giving you the sense that you understand who he is and how he thinks about his business and the industry. Jett has 16K+ followers, and he actively engages on a wide variety of topics, both business and personal.

Melanie Perkins

Melanie’s profile is well designed to appeal to potential new hires curious to learn more about the company’s leadership. Her use of a team photo as her header graphic conveys that Melanie is a caring and connected leader who values her employees. Melanie keeps her About and Experience sections brief and focuses attention on the successful companies that she founded, demonstrating her entrepreneurial, solution-oriented mindset.

Mahe Bayireddi

Mahe’s profile leads with the company’s mission – to help a billion people find the right job. His profile explains the vision, the traction the company has achieved and shows how he thinks about the problems they are addressing. Mahe takes the time to explain his role at each of his prior companies, which allows him to pull more keywords into his profile, and also provides context for his career trajectory. Mahe’s skills and leadership are highly regarded by his peers, as evidenced by the significant number of endorsements he’s received. He rounds out his impressive profile with a long list of publications, honors, and awards.

Ruben Harris

Ruben has a unique story to tell, and his profile offers visitors an inviting glimpse at his experiences. His About section encapsulates his recent endeavors and the significant transition that led to his current career. Not to be outdone by the success he now enjoys, Ruben provides compelling highlights in each entry for his previous roles.

Shamsh Hadi

Shamsh’s profile provides a succinct example of what a CEO should be doing on LinkedIn. His About section illuminates his company’s priorities and values, while communicating his personal commitment to social responsibility. Each of his Experience entries are detailed and keyword rich, improving his profile’s ranking in search results. These details about his achievements are further solidified in his extensive list of Honors and Awards.

Courtney Caldwell, MBA

Courtney’s list of achievements and accomplishments is extensive, and she weaves these recognitions and awards into her profile from top to bottom. Beginning with her headline and continuing into her About section, she illuminates her growth and progress throughout her career. Her considerable board service is detailed in her Experience section, demonstrating her commitment to giving back as well as leadership.

Chief Business Officer at 3Pas Studios

Steven Wolfe Pereira

A great example of a CEO making the most of the opportunity to educate people about their company, Steven immediately introduces visitors to his organization with his colorful and eye-catching header graphic. Using his Featured section to display media and links from a variety of sources reinforces the company’s standing and offers distinct insights into their priorities. Steven’s About section is detailed and comprehensive, as is his Volunteer experience.

Kimberly Bryant, Founder and CEO Ascend Ventures

Kimberly Bryant

Kimberly’s profile is a great example of a CEO with a singular driving passion. Her leadership and work with Black Girls CODE is evident in every aspect of her profile, from the striking photo in her header graphic to the personal updates in her Featured section. If the impact of her work weren’t already obvious from the awards and recognitions listed in her About section, the list in her Honors & Awards section leaves no room for doubt.

Raj Bhaskar

Raj’s profile leads with a well-designed header graphic that achieves multiple goals: communicating his company’s identity, its achievements, and offering an inside look at the interface of the Hurdlr app. In his About section, his message is brief but impactful, speaking of his personal commitment to the promises his company delivers on. In his Experience section, Raj shares what he has learned along his career journey.

Parker Morse

Parker’s profile is an excellent example of staying concise without sacrificing details. His headline communicates his current role, his professional mission, and a recent award. All in less than 220 characters! Parker tells a great story in his About section, sharing his journey to becoming a CEO, which he supports in greater detail throughout his Experience section. His list of publications, honors, and awards round out the profile of a CEO who is making a big impact in his industry.

Shail Jain

Shail exemplifies a CEO whose profile is focused on recruiting, combining personal and professional details, so prospective employees can understand his world view and leadership style. In his About section, Shail balances deftly between discussing his journey and growth with the impact those experiences had on his business and his professional development. He takes this a step further in his Experience section, explaining the lessons he learned from each role and how they helped shape the leader he is today.

James Neal

For a clever example of using your profile to speak directly to your specialized industry, look no further than James’s profile. His header image immediately communicates his company’s focus and their specialization, as does his headline. James uses his About section to advantage, peppering it with pertinent keywords and describing his passion for the work that he does. The details James includes in his Experience section further showcase his industry experience and leadership.

Nathalie Walton CEO of Expectful

Nathalie Walton

Nathalie’s profile speaks directly to personal experiences that drive her professional life. Her header graphic features strong colors and imagery, which are immediately given greater context by the interviews and media shared in the Featured section. Her About section employs strong keywords, enhancing her profile’s search ranking.

Brian Lacey

Brian, like many savvy CEOs, uses his profile to tell the story of his successful career. His About section sets the scene, describing his growth with the company and their achievements over the past several years. This story is then further expanded in his Experience section, showing Brian’s progression from role to role. His achievements are further supported in the sections listing honors and awards, certifications, projects, and publications.

Peter Zaitsev
Peter Zaitsev

Peter’s profile offers a perfect springboard for his very active presence on the LinkedIn platform. His header graphic is eye-catching and industry-specific. Visitors to his profile can explore his perspectives through his keynote videos in the Featured section and the thoughts he shares in the About section. Peter uses the Experience section to highlight his involvement on multiple boards and to talk about his company.

Padmasree Warrior

Padmasree immediately offers an eye-catching conversation starter with her colorful and artistic header graphic. The Featured section showcases her expertise and contributions throughout her tech career. Her Accomplishment section chronicles the recognition she has received, reinforcing her reputation and leadership.

Jason Zintak CEO at 6sense
Jason Zintak

Jason’s header graphic is a great visual representation of how his company helps clients to navigate the flow of information for greater business success. His About section is keyword-rich and touches on the progression of his professional journey. Jason’s Experience entries list his board and advisory roles as well as his current and past positions, providing a well-rounded picture of his background.

Susan Sorensen Langer
Susan Sorensen Langer

Susan’s profile is a great example of a tech leader balancing their professional persona with personal insights. Her profile offers a wealth of detail about her company, from her header graphic, through her Featured section, and into her Experience entries. Susan uses her About section to share  what motivates her as a leader, what’s behind her achievements, and even a little insight into her Myers-Briggs type.

Joe Beard

Joe delivers brevity with impact. His About section gets right to the point, sharing his background, outlook, and current role. Joe’s Featured section highlights recent recognition from industry watch lists, while his Experience section explains the mission of each company. The Honors and Awards section complete the picture of a star on the rise.

Nita Madhav

Nita’s profile is a great example of a researcher/scientist/CEO. That’s an unusual combination and she does an effective job of balancing her roles in multiple fields. Her About section clearly describes her education, including advanced degree programs, and her journey to her current position. Nita’s Featured section demonstrates her leadership as a public speaker, and she provides details about her career journey throughout her Experience entries.

CEO at CourMed
Derrick L. Miles

Derrick makes excellent use of his header graphic to display both his company’s logo and a significant achievement for his company. His About and Featured sections balance personal and professional details, offering points of interest (such as his multiple patents) that encourage visitors to scroll down and learn more. In his Experience entries, Derrick offers brief but illuminating descriptions of his most recent roles, giving further insight into his background.

Henry Cialone

By using his header graphic to showcase his company’s focus on manufacturing technology, Henry immediately communicates his industry and company name to anyone visiting his profile. His About section is strong and concise, giving insights into what he does and why he does it. Henry uses his Featured section to highlight his most recent blog posts, where he shares thought leadership and the latest news from his business.

Kevin Dedner
Kevin Dedner, MPH

Kevin’s header graphic features an eye-catching design in his company’s brand colors and displays the company’s name and tagline. Kevin uses his headline to succinctly explain the company’s purpose and then eloquently expands on his personal connection to that purpose in his About section. Not only does he offer insight into his previous roles in his Experience section, he also delineates his strengths in each role and the results he achieved.

Karin McKercher

Direct and confident, Karin’s profile presents the image of a leader who understands her industry and provides solutions that her clients need. The tone of her About section is frank and distinct, with just the right amount of industry language to drive home her knowledge and experience with the problems her company resolves. Karin’s Experience section offers thorough insight into her professional journey and the details of her Volunteer experience showcase her commitment to helping others grow.

Dean Sysman
Dean Sysman

Dean understands the power of a well-designed graphic, as evidenced by the design coordination beween his header graphic and profile image. His featured section showcases significant recent media coverage for his company. Dean’s About section focuses primarily on his professional life, but it also includes fascinating achievements that are excellent conversation starters for new connections.

Katie Moussouris

Katie’s profile efficiently and effectively dives to the heart of her expertise. She uses her About section to detail the path to her current role, and the significant developments that have impacted her professional journey. A noted expert and public speaker, Katie’s  achievements are detailed in her About section, as well as her Featured section, and continue in her Experience entries.

Nuno Sebastiano

Nuno uses his header graphic to feature images from his professional speaking engagements, demonstrating that his expertise is in demand. His featured section carries recent updates and news about the success of his company, making it easy for potential investors to see the confidence in his leadership. Both his About and Experience sections are brief but provide tantalizing insights into his background.

Leah Houston, MD

An emergency physician turned tech entrepreneur, Leah’s unique background is woven into every aspect of her profile. In her About section, she details how her personal experiences in the healthcare system fueled her determination to create change. She charts her journey in the entries of her Experience section. Leah’s passion for her recent work is clear in her detailed explanations of the company she founded and in her activity on LinkedIn.

Abhinav Shashank

By using a collage of images from the healthcare industry for his header graphic, Abhinav creates a visual representation of his headline, which is a sophisticated and fun way to reinforce that message. His Featured section offers a wealth of news and insights about the latest advancements at his company with a mix of his own blogs and outside media. Abhinav’s About section is brief but powerful, drawing on the concept of dreaming a new future to life.

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