Are you interested in joining a board?

You can use social media to help position yourself to receive offers to join a board of directors or an advisory board.

Here are five ways to use LinkedIn to position yourself as someone who would add value to a board:

1. Make sure your LinkedIn profile shows the full depth and breadth of your expertise. Make the Summary compelling, and fill the Accomplishments section. Think about the variety of keywords that people might search on to find someone like you, and incorporate them into your profile.

2. Are you already on a board? Make sure you list that on your profile. While it can go in the Organizations, Volunteer or Experience section, we recommend listing it as a job in the Experience section to give it the greatest prominence. Use the job description to talk about your role on the board and the contributions you have made.

3. Like and share posts from the companies you are involved with, other board members, and thought leaders. They will appreciate your attention and support, and you’ll be building relationships. This also keeps your name in front of your network, so you are top-of-mind when opportunities arise.

4. Use blog posts to share your management and governance philosophy, perspective and industry insights. Letting people see how you think is valuable. This boosts your visibility too, making you more findable on Google as well as LinkedIn. (We recommend one blog post per month.)

5. Search for board opportunities on LinkedIn. Go to the Jobs section and search on “board” or “board of directors” or “advisory board.” Thousands of opportunities are listed. One of them might be right for you.


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