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Feb 11, 2009 | Demos, SoftwareCEO, Video

Video is getting easier and less expensive to do – if you don’t have videos on your website you really need to add some.

My favorite uses for videos are:

– Give a high-level view of what your software does and why people need it.

– Have your CEO talk about what sets your company apart from competitors and why companies choose you.

– Have your head of R&D talk about what’s new in your latest version and why it is so cool.

–  Do a quickstart that shows people something simple they can do with the software or how to begin learning how to use it.

If you’re looking at doing a video that shows your software, here are some tips:

1. Keep it short – 2-5 minutes is ideal.

2. Follow the “why, what, what if, now do” sequence that trainers recommend.
First tell them why they should listen to you.
Then tell them what you are going to tell them.
Then tell them – explain the details and the process.
Finally, tell them what to do next.

3. Write the script first. Then figure out how to show that visually.

4. Show something that is excruciatingly simple. Remember, these folks haven’t seen your software before, so even if it is very simple it will be a lot to take in. You want to keep the steps simple so your software looks easy to use.

5. Tell them explicitly at the end of the demo what step to take next. Do you want them to download a trial? Watch a couple more videos? Sign up for a webinar? Say so, and provide the link. Optimally, set up the video so if they click on the screen at the end it goes directly to the page where they can take the next action.

A company that does a good job with their demos is Bill4Time. Take a look to see how they do things.

SoftwareCEO also has an article this week on how to do better video demos that includes some good ideas: Win more sales by improving your demos: 8 tips. It will be public for another week or so then it will slip into their archive, so take a look now.

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