Five Things to Tell Any LinkedIn Blog Copywriter

Five Things to Tell Any LinkedIn Blog Copywriter

If you are thinking about working with a professional copywriter to create LinkedIn blogs, you’ll want to make sure the writer understands your goals for the project, your expectations, and especially your ideas. The blog content should originate with you. A good copywriter will help you find your voice online, […]

9 Questions to Ask Any LinkedIn Profile Writer

Questions to ask a LinkedIn Profile Writer

Hiring a LinkedIn expert to write or rewrite your profile can be a great strategy – especially if you’re starting to use LinkedIn to generate leads for your business or looking to land a new job. However, you need a writer who does quality work – one who will help […]

LinkedIn 101: How to Create a LinkedIn Profile That Actually Gets the Results You Want

LinkedIn 101: Doing It Right

Officially launched in 2003, LinkedIn has more than 414 million registered members in more than 200 countries. With an average of two new members registering per second, it’s the largest professional social media network in the world. Most professionals know they need to have a LinkedIn profile. However, most just […]

How to Budget and Bid with LinkedIn Advertising

How to Budget and Bid with LinkedIn Advertising

Last week I talked about how to optimize your LinkedIn advertising and target your ideal audience. Now, I’ll talk about how to plan your budget and bid appropriately. How to Set the Ad Budget It’s possible that an ad could get a lot of traction and max out your daily […]

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Ads and Sponsored Updates

LinkedIn Ads and Sponsored Updates

Picture an active LinkedIn user. Perhaps, it looks like you. You interact in all the right Groups. You post regular updates under both your personal and company profiles. You even publish LinkedIn blog posts. It’s possible to do all this and still not being making the most of your LinkedIn […]

Do You Make These 7 LinkedIn Profile Mistakes?

A prospect emailed me inquiring about my services. Promptly, I went to his company website to learn about their software product. Next, I checked out the About page to meet the people behind the company. It was a general description of the company. No names. No photos. Nothing. So I […]

5 Reasons Not to Treat Your Essential LinkedIn Profile Like a Cheap Suit

A website had suits on sale for $100. Sounds too good to be true, right? A closer look at the description reveals the reason for the low price. They were made of polyester and rayon, cheap synthetic fabrics. This affects breathability, shape, and stiffness. And the buttons were a poor […]

How to Connect with Top Influencers Using LinkedIn Updates

Everyone wants to connect with influencers. That’s because when they do it, visits to your website, article, [fill in the blank] explodes. Being associated with them can increase exposure for your brand and boost engagement with your clients and prospects. Before any of that happens, you need to build the […]

How to Create a Powerful LinkedIn Profile That Actually Generates More Leads

When you go to a networking event, what do you take with you to hand out? Resumes? Most likely not, unless it’s job-related networking event. For most events, you’d bring the right tools with you and that would be your business cards. What do you take when exhibiting at a […]

5 Ways to Support Charities on LinkedIn

Originally posted on LinkedIn  In the weeks leading up to Giving Tuesday a couple friends asked me the exact same question: “How can I use LinkedIn to generate support for a nonprofit?” Both friends serve on the boards of local charities. They have large networks, and would like to be […]

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