How Local Restaurants and Retailers Benefit from Location Based Services (LBS)

One thing I relish about my book club is discovering new restaurants. Book club members never disappoint with their selections. So when I arrived at a cafe for our meeting, I checked in on Foursquare, which is a location-based service (LBS). Those of us who use such services get a […]

35+ Twitter Ideas for Retailers

Retailers use Twitter to connect with customers, listen to feedback and share ideas. When you start using Twitter, the first two things you want to do is listen and respond. Find out what people are saying about your retail store and its competitors. If someone mentions your store, respond as […]

How Many Touches Make a Sale?

After you meet someone for the first time, you’ll walk away knowing the person’s name and maybe a tidbit or two. Every time you connect with that person you’ll learn more, and that helps you decide whether that person is trustworthy and credible. Those connections, known as touches or impressions, […]

38 Twitter Ideas for Restaurants and Franchises

Twitter gives restaurant and franchise owners and employees a place to connect with customers, listen to customer feedback and get ideas. Yes, you want to promote your restaurant to compel people to stop by. However, focus on that too much and it’s a recipe for social media disaster. Successful Twitter […]

How to Amplify Your Social Network

is a powerful concept that is important to understand when you are setting goals for social networking programs. In my last two blog posts, I talked about what social capital is and how you can measure social capital. Amplifying an individual, business, or any resource within your network results in […]

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