Four Ways To Make Your Emails Better – For Free!

Here’s a guest post from Rebekah Henson, an email marketing expert… Marketing with email is an effective way to stay in touch with your customers, remind them of your brand and get repeat business from them. When you’re first starting out, you may not have all the resources you need […]

Market Research for Tech Startups

You may have a great idea for your tech startup, yet it may have room for improvement to ensure you produce something that fulfills the customers’ needs and wants. Market research helps you do that by identifying market need, market size, competitors, and the ideal customer. Before you start the […]

5 Steps to Get the Most Out of

Networking events provide startups with an avenue to find investors, customers, talent, partners and many other resources. So how do you find networking events near you and that fit the needs of your startup? Meetup ( helps you identify nearby networking groups based on location and group profile. Visit the […]

Did you know people are talking about you and your company…. And what you don’t know CAN hurt you!

Today’s post comes from social marketing expert Randy Hlavac. Many business managers have heard of social monitoring but think it is costly, complex, and require you hire specialists.  These are all false.  There are social monitoring systems which allow you to quickly monitor your company, your products and your competitors.  […]

Do You Test Your Marketing Message?

A software company contacted us to share their tale of woe. They had invested a considerable amount in several marketing campaigns that produced fruitless results. They believed they needed to work with a marketing agency – they wanted agency expertise. But they had concerns about hiring a new marketing agency […]

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