A Marketing Agency that Specializes in Executive Branding

ProResource is a marketing agency that specializes in personal branding – not corporate or product branding, like most agencies.

We help technology entrepreneurs, CEOs, thought leaders, sales executives and lawyers define a strong personal brand online, with a dynamic and engaging social media presence that allows people to see the depth of their expertise, builds trust, and creates opportunities for quality conversations.

Over the past 10 years we have developed a methodology for creating a strong personal brand for our clients, with a set of defined processes that allows our team of 15 to work efficiently and ensure quality while still allowing the result to be customized for each client.

Our business is based on several core beliefs…

We believe in nurture marketing

From when we were founded in 2007, we have focused on delivering nurture marketing – building relationships by staying in touch.

We believe in social media

We believe social media is the perfect place to meet the people you want to meet, impress, educate, stay in touch, and start building rewarding relationships.

Social media might seem loud and confusing – and it can be. But when you approach social networking strategically, you will find it a very useful tool.

Our focus is on LinkedIn, which is the most important social network for executives and professionals who want to build and nourish business relationships. With more than 467 million members – half of all professionals and executives on the planet – it is the ideal place to develop your social media presence and build your professional brand.

We also provide coaching and support for clients who want to establish a presence on Twitter, and we manage Facebook advertising campaigns for a number of our clients.

We believe in work-life balance

Our team includes a lot of “MBA Moms” – women who had a high-powered career, then left the workforce to raise their children. Now they are rejoining the workforce, but want interesting, part-time work with flexible hours.

Of course, not all our team members are moms – or MBAs. We also hire college students and others who appreciate the type of work-life balance we offer.

If you are interested in working with us – as a client, partner or team member – please contact us.