8 Free Cool Twitter Tools You May Not Know About

Jan 21, 2015 | Marketing Tools, Social media, Twitter

This is not a yet-another-post on free Twitter tools. This one lists just eight lesser known free tools offering enough features on the free version to be worth using. (Who wants to check out 30 tools?) Furthermore, these tools accomplish different tasks, so you won’t have to decide between this and that. While some tools may overlap in functionality, they’re distinctive enough not to be viewed as having the same purpose.

Sonar Solo

Sonar Solo’s searchable real-time visual map of trends allows you to search topics to find friends and influencers for any subject. On the map, click a word or phrase to see related connections and tweets. Color codes identify hot trends in orange, positive sentiment in green and negative sentiment in red.

twitter tool


Swayy finds relevant content to share based on topics matched to your audience’s interest and engagement. If you share content from within the app, you can receive suggestions for hashtags and people to mention in the tweet. It also provides analytics for tweets.

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Topsy is a real-time social web search engine that digs up recent and relevant tweets based on keywords. This creates a dashboard of the conversations based on the keywords to display the number of tweets and sentiment score. Results can be broken out by links, tweets, photos, videos and influencers.

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Twitter lists organize or group the people you follow. However, it’s tedious to add and remove people from lists. Enter TweetBe.at for managing lists in bulk. Its clever tool can filter by many options, such as Klout score, number of follows and days since last tweet.

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Countless articles provide advice on the best times to tweet. But experience reveals that the advice isn’t always right. A good place to start is with Tweriod, which analyzes up to 1,000 of your followers to tell you when your followers appear online most often.

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Twitonomy’s eye-catching and well-organized visual dashboard displays Twitter analytics, such as tweet history, user-related stats and much more. Its customizable dashboard makes some of the reports available for downloading as a PDF or XLS file. The free version includes a surprising wealth of features to help you monitor Twitter activities and followers.

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Twtrland’s insights help you better understand your influence and followers with visual snapshots. You can get influence metrics, top content, amplification and engagement analytics. The free account analyzes up to 5,000 followers and lists only top items.

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Clear the cobwebs from your Twitter account with ManageFltter, a tool that simplifies unfollowing people and searching for new ones to follow. The interface can filter those who aren’t following back, have no profile image, aren’t in English or inactive. The free account allows you to unfollow up to 100 people per day.

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