Make LinkedIn Your Secret Weapon

Are you the CEO of a software company or IT services firm?

You need your own personal social media presence, separate from your company.

Media, partners, prospects and job candidates research you online. They google you, find your social media profiles, and check you out.

Craft your LinkedIn presence strategically, and they discover the exact information you want them to have:

  • You educate them about your expertise and your traction, which builds trust.
  • You demonstrate the value of your company’s solutions, and differentiate from competitors.
  • You provide talking points so your conversations can get off to a better start.

Delegate Your Social Presence to Us

We can do all the work for you:

  • You get a LinkedIn profile that impresses people, builds trust, and makes you more findable.
  • You have blog posts written for you – you provide the ideas, we turn them into a keyword-rich blog post and publish it for you.
  • Your audience grows continuously.

Use Social Media Strategically

Once you have a strong presence, we help you use social media to accomplish your business goals:

  • Lead Generation – build brand awareness, automate prospecting, build relationships, and start conversations.
  • Content Marketing – get your white papers, blog posts and other educational materials in front of your desired audience.
  • Event Marketing – promote webinars, seminars, and other events.
  • Referral Network – build and nurture a network of people who can make referrals.
  • Marketing Debugging – if your marketing isn’t working the way you hoped it would, we run tests on LinkedIn to help figure out what’s wrong.
  • Talent Pool – build and nurture a network of ideal job candidates, so you can scale faster.

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