Personal Branding for Tech CEOs, Founders & Owners

As the CEO of a software company or IT services firm, your personal brand matters.

In a small business, you are the face of the company. People choose to do business with you because they believe in your expertise and they trust that you have created solutions that will solve their problems.

In a larger business, you are the leader. You define the vision, you make strategic decisions, you are the one who gets everyone aligned and moving in the same direction. You are the spokesperson.

You need your own personal social media presence, separate from your company.

Media, partners, prospects and job candidates research you online. They google you, find your social media profiles, and check you out. The social network they are most likely to view is LinkedIn, because they believe it will provide the most comprehensive information about your background.

Craft your LinkedIn presence strategically, and all of these people will discover the exact information you want them to have:

  • You educate them about your expertise and your traction, which builds trust.
  • You demonstrate the value of your company’s solutions, and differentiate from competitors.
  • You share your vision for the future, which helps get people excited about working with you.
  • You provide talking points so your conversations can get off to a better start.

Align Your Social Presence with Your Business Goals

Your social media presence can support your business initiatives and help you make faster progress towards your goals.

Gain media coverage – With a rich social presence, editors, reporters and bloggers can more easily find you, identify you as a quotable resource, and reach you in time to meet deadline.

Build awareness – When you are active in social media, people who are looking for solutions can more easily find you.

Get funding – Investors will check you out in social media. With a strong presence it’s easy for them to see how well connected and respected you are.

Attract strategic partners – Use social media to make your traction more visible, allowing partners to find you and get excited about working with you.

Recruit key players – The best people want to work for companies that are ahead of the curve. By using social media effectively, you make your vision and leadership skills more visible.

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