How Does Your Social Media Presence Compare?

Discover how you look to others in social media. With a free Social Assessment you’ll have a better understanding of where you stand now, what your opportunities are, and where to focus your efforts.

Choose a competitor or colleague – someone in your industry, similar to you, who is active in social media. We’ll tell you how you compare.

You will learn from what they do well, and if you’re not winning now, you find out how to take the lead.

How It Works

Please provide URLs for the following:

  • Your LinkedIn profile
  • Competitor’s LinkedIn profile
  • Your Twitter (optional)
  • Competitor’s Twitter (optional)

We will analyze your social presence and your competitor’s, and deliver the results in a report that tells you:

  • What you are doing well now
  • What your competitor is doing well
  • Which of you has the stronger social media presence
  • Your three greatest opportunities for improvement

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IMPORTANT: Please submit your request early as we only do 10 Social Assessments each day.