“I know I need to start doing more with LinkedIn.”

How many times have you said that over the past year?

Let’s get you actually doing it.

And let’s make it fun!

What is a Social Accountability Group?

It’s a peer group of executives, like you, who are committed to learning how to use LinkedIn effectively and want the support of others in their quest. Each group has 6-12 people you can learn from, and who will help you hold yourself accountable for following through.

How Does It Work?

Your group meets once a month, by phone, with a SocialVelocity coach who acts as moderator. You track key LinkedIn metrics and report them to the group. You compare results, share tips about what is working (or isn’t), and get advice from your peers, as well as from the coach.

Monthly Challenges

Each month, your group chooses a challenge – something to focus on over the coming month that will give you the opportunity to stretch your skills and learn something new. The challenges add fun and a healthy dose of competition – they give you an incentive to push yourself and improve even more.

Just $99/month

The cost is $99/month or $495 for 6 months, payable in advance.

To learn more, schedule a 15-minute call.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much time does it take?

The monthly call is 30 minutes. The amount of time you put into working on LinkedIn is up to you. We recommend at least an hour a week.

2. Do I need to have a paid version of LinkedIn or can I use the free one?

If you are going to be active on LinkedIn, you will need at least Premium (Professional level). If you are actively prospecting, you will want Sales Navigator (Professional level).

3. I want to make sure I’m not in a group with any of my competitors.

We want that too. We share a list of the other participants before your first meeting. If you see anyone there who is a competitor, we will move you to a different group.

4. Can I join with friends or coworkers?

Yes, of course. Some groups are made up entirely of people from one company.

5. How long is the commitment?

It’s important to understand that getting results from social media takes time – it doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why the minimum commitment is 6 months. After that you can leave the group anytime.

Any other questions? We’re happy to answer them. Just contact us.