Have a new product, service or book coming out soon?

Here are nine ways you can use LinkedIn to make your launch more successful:

1.  Before your launch, you can validate your messaging using LinkedIn. Identify 50-100 people who fit your target audience, introduce yourself, and tell them about your new product. If they don’t respond with the level of excitement you anticipate, try a different way of explaining it. You can iterate quickly, and discover the perfect way to explain your value proposition.

2.  If you don’t already have beta testers, LinkedIn is an excellent place to find them. You can locate people who are good candidates, tell them about your solution, and invite them into your beta.

3.  You can also find reviewers for your book, product or service using LinkedIn.

4.  Announce your new product or service using LinkedIn’s Sponsored Content ads – they give you a great way to build brand awareness with your target market.

5.  You can also use LinkedIn’s Sponsored Content ads to get videos, white papers, blog posts, and other educational materials about your new product in front of the exact audience you want to reach.

6.  You can use LinkedIn’s Sponsored InMails to kick-start your prospecting, sending launch messages to 10-30 people per day. These messages can be sent directly from your sales reps, so responses go directly to them.

7.  Your LinkedIn profile can promote the launch, with a new header graphic that includes a photo of your book or product, uploads that provide more details, and links back to the new product page.

8.  You can introduce the product or book to your network with blog posts or live video.

9. Status updates are a good way to share your good news and talk about traction.

Twitter should factor into your launch plan as well, especially if you are looking for media coverage. You can tweet about:

1. The problem you solve. Use problem-related hashtags.

2. The reasons your solution is better than what’s out there now. Use category names and solution-related terms as hashtags.

3. The topic of your book. Use hashtags related to that topic and your audience.

4. The traction you are getting. Share your excitement!

Want to Talk?

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