Innovative Ways to Use LinkedIn

Once you have a strong personal brand on LinkedIn, there are many ways you can leverage LinkedIn to advance your business goals. We have processes for doing all of these. We can do the work for you, or we can coach you on how to do it yourself.

Brand Awareness – reach your desired target audience and introduce them to your solutions.

Lead Generation – we have processes for building prospecting databases, doing prospecting, building relationships, and starting conversations.

Product Launches – find out if your marketing plan will work before you invest in expensive marketing campaigns. We test your buyer personas and messaging.

Content Marketing – get your white papers, blog posts and other educational materials in front of your desired audience.

Event Marketing – promote webinars, demos, seminars, user conferences and other events to your target market.

Referral Network – build a network of people who are trusted by your customers so you get more referrals.

Marketing Debugging – if your marketing isn’t working the way you hoped it would, we run tests on LinkedIn to help figure out what’s wrong.

Talent Pool – get on the radar of people who will be a good fit for your business as you grow so you can scale faster when you are ready.

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