Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile So It Impresses People, Builds Trust & Creates Opportunities to Engage

Has it been years since you updated your LinkedIn profile?

If your profile tells the story of who you used to be, and not who you are today, it might be time for a makeover – and we can do all the work for you!

Our professional copywriters will rewrite and enhance your profile so it promotes your personal and professional brand, and tells your story effectively. For some examples, take a look at our LinkedIn Hall of Fame.

With a strong profile, you will have more confidence in how you are portrayed online. You will encourage people to google you, knowing that your LinkedIn profile will be at or near the top of the search results, and that they will be finding the exact information you want them to have.

You will be more comfortable in social media, because you’ll know you look good.

We Do the Work For You

The process is simple and hassle-free. We start with an interview over the phone or Skype. It takes 30-60 minutes. You don’t need to prepare anything. Our writer will walk you through a series of simple questions.

Most of our writers are former journalists, so they know how to tell your story in a compelling way. They capture your voice, so your profile sounds like you. They use industry-specific terms and buzzwords correctly. They write for your audience, whether that is IT executives or Wall Street, and deliver intelligent, sophisticated copy.

They also know exactly what information needs to go where to get the best results from LinkedIn, and how to keyword-optimize your profile.

You receive a draft of our recommendations in a Word document. You can then work with your writer to edit and revise. Once you are satisfied with the revisions, she can update the profile for you.

Select Your Style of Makeover

Choose from the following options to upgrade your LinkedIn profile:

LinkedIn Profile Makeover Lite – $695

With a Makeover Lite, we rework the most important parts of your profile: your headline, your summary, and your current job description. This is the best choice for executives who already have a strong profile and just want a little extra polish.

LinkedIn Profile Makeover Gold – $1495

A Makeover Gold addresses all aspects of the LinkedIn profile. This is the best choice for senior executives who have a deep and rich background, especially those who are thought leaders in their industry. We use all the sections of the LinkedIn profile to tell your story, creating a visually appealing and keyword-rich profile.

LinkedIn Profile Makeover Platinum – $1995

A Makeover Platinum includes everything in a Makeover Gold plus social media coaching, so you can get the maximum leverage from your newly enhanced profile.

Learn More About Profile Makeovers

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Not sure which type of makeover is right for you? Schedule a free 15-minute call. We can talk about what you want to accomplish with a LinkedIn profile makeover and see if we can help.