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Had enough of the gloom and doom?

We sure have!

If we join together and help each other, we can fix the economy ourselves.

Join us and commit to making things better!

If you are as tired as we are of waiting for the economy to get better... If you are tired of hearing more bad news on the job front... Let's take matters into our own hands and make it better ourselves.

Here's our pledge. If you agree, please sign and make your own commitment to helping yourself and others.

Sign the pledge

I've had enough bad news, enough talk of all the problems with the economy. Yes, the world has changed. But the world is always changing. I see new opportunities that are available to me and I'm taking advantage of them.

I'm going to take action:

1. I'm going to invest time and effort in growing my own business.

2. I'm going to do something to help someone else grow theirs.

3. Then I'm going to put work aside and have some fun!