Whether you are a passive or active job seeker, LinkedIn has many ways to help you find a new job. Here are ten:

1.  Turn on the flag that tell recruiters you are open to being contacted. It won’t be visible on your profile (but if people in your company use LinkedIn Recruiter they will be able to see it). Find the flag here: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/

2. Search LinkedIn’s job listings and apply for jobs with just a few clicks using your LinkedIn profile.

3. Save your best job searches and have LinkedIn notify you when new jobs are posted that fit your criteria.

4. Look at profiles of people who have the job you want to get ideas for improving your LinkedIn profile.

5. Look at job postings of the kind of job you want to discover keywords you can include in your own profile (add them in your skills, headline, summary and experience).

6. Optimize your profile to be appear in more search results. Make sure your profile is “complete,” connect with people who have large networks, join industry groups, and incorporate keywords throughout your profile. The more you have in common with the person searching, the higher in the search results you will be.

7. Research prospective employers. Their LinkedIn company page includes a wealth of information – recent key hires, how fast they are growing, company news, and more.

8. Demonstrate expertise by posting status updates (to show you are on top of trends), blogging, and using live video. Actively using LinkedIn is also a good way for older job seekers to show they are relevant and on top of new trends.

9. Re-activate your network. Job offers and referrals are likely to come from people who already know you. When you are active on LinkedIn, people see your name more often so you are top-of-mind when they hear of an opportunity.

10. View some profiles of people at any company where you apply for a job. Ideally, choose people in your field who have large networks or the LinkedIn premium icon. Some of them will likely connect with you, which makes it look like you already know people at the company when hiring managers view your profile.

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