Use Social Media to Create a Strong Personal Brand that Promotes Your Business and Advances Your Business Goals

As the CEO of your business, it’s essential that you have a strong online presence – you are the public face of your company.

You need your own personal social media presence, separate from your company.

Social media gives you the opportunity to learn, in real time, directly from customers. By listening to the conversations that take place on social media and personally engaging, you keep your finger on the pulse of your market, acquire competitive intelligence, and perceive shifts faster.

You also gain the opportunity to tell your story directly to stakeholders, including customers, employees, the media, partners, and analysts:

  • Share your vision & insights.
  • Educate about important issues.
  • Raise your company’s profile in the industry.
  • Align your team, so everyone is focused and moving in the right direction.
  • Interpret the news, so everyone knows where you stand.

By speaking directly, in your own voice, you create a positive reputation that can become one of your company’s most important assets.

CEOs need to be social

Increasingly, customers and employees expect to see CEOs on social media. More importantly, CEOs who are active in social media are perceived as more effective. According to a study conducted by Weber Shandwick (The Social CEO), 76% of global executives surveyed said it is a good idea for CEOs to be social:

  • 78% said it has a positive impact on the company’s reputation
  • 76% said it shows innovation
  • 75% said it was a good way for CEOs to communicate with employees
  • 75% said it was a good way for CEOs to build relationships with the media

Furthermore, the executives said the CEO’s participation in social media makes them feel inspired, technologically advanced, and proud. They rate a CEO who is active in social media as more forward-thinking, a better communicator, more effective, open and accessible, and inspiring.

Having a strong personal brand benefits your company as well. Global executives attributed 45% of their company’s reputation and 44% of their market value to the reputation of their CEO. (View CEO reputation infographic)

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