Use Social Media to Create a Strong Personal Brand that Promotes Your Business and Advances Your Business Goals

As the CEO of your business, it’s essential that you have a strong online presence – you are the public face of your company. Social media gives you the opportunity to tell your story directly to stakeholders:

  • Share your vision & insights.
  • Reach prospects and educate them.
  • Raise your company’s profile in the industry.
  • Attract top recruiting candidates.

By speaking directly, in your own voice, you create a positive reputation that can become one of your company’s most important assets.

LinkedIn is the ideal place to start. We can do most of the work for you, writing CEO blog posts for you that can be published on LinkedIn as well as other platforms.

Your blog posts are written in your own voice by an expert blog writer who learns your style and preferences. You simply call or email and tell your writer what you want to write about. She will do any research needed, write a first draft, edit and revise, find appropriate images, upload and format your post.

For many CEOs, doing their own blog is sufficient. But if you want to be more active in social media, we also provide one-on-one social media coaching.

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