Promote Your Book with a Strong Social Media Presence

As an author, you want to people to learn about your book, buy it and read it. But you probably have other goals too… Your book might be the entry point to a larger range of products and services you offer. You might be interested in speaking engagements and being quoted in the media as an expert in your field.

A strong and dynamic personal brand in social media contributes to all of your goals.

Social media gives you a powerful way to control your image online. When you do social media right, you allow people to:

  • Learn about your book and get excited about reading it.
  • Easily get to the websites where they can purchase.
  • Better appreciate your talents and strengths, so you attract people who are a good fit for your other services.
  • See that you would be a good source for their story or a great speaker for their event.
  • Feel comfortable with you and trust you.

Think about how good it would feel to know that you have a polished and professional online presence that supports your goals. You would have complete confidence that you look great, and your book gets the attention it deserves.

Author Examples

Imagine yourself with a strong social media presence – you could look like these authors:

Authors on Twitter

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Or you can get social media coaching so you start doing it yourself, with one-on-one support from an expert.

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