Are You Using LinkedIn Strategically to Advance Your Business Goals?

When people google you, your LinkedIn profile and other social media accounts are at the top of the search results. They are the starting point for your professional presence online.

Do you have a strong LinkedIn profile that works 24/7 on your behalf? One that demonstrates your expertise and helps people feel like they know you, like you, and can trust you?

Are you using your LinkedIn presence to make progress towards your business goals?

  • Create awareness of your company’s solutions
  • Educate prospects
  • Nurture relationships with leads

If not, we can help. We can do all the work for you, designing your own personal LinkedIn branding program tailored to your specific needs.

Or you can get your own social media coach, who shows you how to build a strong social media presence and supports you every step of the way. See how SocialVelocity coaching works – it’s a three-month program designed specifically for executives who want one-on-one help.


We will design a social media presence that works for you 24/7 – one that impresses people, builds trust and rapport immediately, and creates opportunities to engage.


We start by enhancing your LinkedIn profile so it speaks to the people who are googling you:

  • Tells the story of your expertise and accomplishments.
  • Promotes your business.
  • Gives a sense of who you are as a person.
  • Creates opportunities to engage with you.


When you blog, you can demonstrate thought leadership, educate about the value of your solutions, and share your perspective on issues that impact your industry.

Our ghostwriters write blog posts on your behalf, making sure they contain your voice, depth of knowledge and mastery of the topic. It sounds just like you – but you don’t have to stare at a blank page and do the writing.


Want more readers for your blog posts? We can expand your audience by using LinkedIn Sponsored Content ads. These ads insert your blog posts into the LinkedIn news feed of the exact people you want to reach.

Thousands of people who fit your criteria will see that you have written a blog post, building awareness. You only pay when someone clicks to read your blog post.


See if you are using LinkedIn effectively to promote yourself and your business. Get your free Executive Branding Checklist.


In as little as two weeks, you can have a strong and powerful presence in social media – one that is fully aligned with your strategic goals.

Choose the executive branding package that best fits your budget:

  • Executive Branding Gold – $895/month
  • Executive Branding Lite – $395/month

Schedule a free 15-minute call so we can talk about what you would like to accomplish, and we’ll see if our approach to executive branding is a good fit for you.