Raise Your Profile in the Industry and Build Your Reputation Online for Thought Leadership

ProResource provides personal branding services to executives who want to build a strong professional brand online and leverage LinkedIn to achieve their business goals.

With just one hour of your time each month, you can have a dynamic and engaging social media presence that builds your reputation as a thought leader, helps people appreciate the depth of your expertise, and creates opportunities for quality conversations.

We offer two levels of packaged branding services:

Executive Branding Gold

Your Executive Branding Gold program delivers comprehensive executive branding, perfect for a CEO who has insights, opinions, and expertise to share. We write one blog post for you every month, then expand the distribution of that blog post using LinkedIn advertisements so you continuously grow your audience.

The Gold level is appropriate for executives who:

  • Have enough information and ideas to share that they are comfortable publishing one blog post each month.
  • Are interested in building their reputation for thought leadership.

The components of the Executive Branding Gold are:

  • LinkedIn Profile Makeover Gold – Executives need a powerful profile that blends the story of their personal expertise and accomplishments with the corporate messaging. The profile needs to speak to a broad audience, including customers, prospects, partners, the media, industry influencers and analysts, employees and recruiting candidates.
  • Blog Copywriting (one blog post per month) – A blog shares your unique perspective on issues impacting your industry, your company’s mission and initiatives, your corporate culture and more. A professional writer delivers your blog posts, written in your voice, sharing your ideas and your expertise.
  • Audience Expansion – We use LinkedIn Sponsored Content ads to boost your blog post, putting it in the news feed of the exact people you want to reach. Thousands of people see your post, helping you gain more exposure for your ideas, building awareness, and maintaining mindshare. You only pay when someone clicks through to read the post.

Pricing for your Executive Branding Lite package is $895 per month, with a 6-month commitment. Per-click fees for boosting your blog posts are paid directly to LinkedIn. We typically recommend a budget of $250-500 per blog post.

Executive Branding Lite

Your Executive Branding Lite program provides a less expensive way to begin an executive branding program. Your LinkedIn profile becomes more active, you build a reputation for thought leadership, and you can experiment with LinkedIn advertising to see if it works for you.

The Lite level is appropriate for executives who:

  • Are new to social media and want to take things one step at a time.
  • Don’t have the bandwidth to do one blog post every month.
  • Want to experiment with different types of LinkedIn advertising campaigns in an affordable way.

Each month you choose one thing to focus on:

  • Profile Enhancement – A professional copywriter interviews you to obtain information about your background, then updates and enhances one section of your LinkedIn profile.
  • Blog Copywriting (one blog post per quarter) – Instead of one blog post per month, you do one blog post per quarter.
  • LinkedIn Advertising – We set up and manage a LinkedIn advertising campaign to promote your business. Options include boosting your blog post to a larger audience, promoting a webinar or event, advertising a white paper or ebook, and automating prospecting by sending out 10+ InMails automatically each day.

Pricing for your Executive Branding Lite package is just $395 per month, with a 6-month commitment. LinkedIn advertisements are additional, with fees that are paid directly to LinkedIn.

Full Service LinkedIn Marketing

For entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of the full scope of options available from LinkedIn, we offer customized marketing programs that include makeovers, blogging, advertising and more.



Schedule a free 15-minute call so we can talk about what you would like to accomplish, and we’ll see if our approach to executive branding is a good fit for you.