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As the head of marketing for their organization, CMOs who demonstrate leadership in a marketing space, like social media, can have a huge advantage.

These CMOs are setting a great example for their team. They use Twitter to share industry news and trends, engage with the community, and talk about issues that matter to them.

cmo microsoft twitterChris Capossela, CMO Microsoft, @chriscapossela





cmo ibm storage twitterEric Herzog, CMO IBM Storage, @zoginstor





cmo hp inc twitterAntonio J Lucio, CMO HP Inc., @ajlucio5





cmo adobe twitterAnn Lewnes, CMO Adobe, @alewnes





cmo cybereason twitterMike Volpe, CMO Cybereason, @mvolpe





cmo intermedia twitterJim Kruger, CMO Intermedia, @jimkruger





cmo bayshore networks twitterKirby Wadsworth, CMO Bayshore Networks, @AceSage





cmo intel twitterSteve Fund, CMO Intel, @stevefund





cmo CA technologies twitterLauren Flaherty, CMO CA Technologies, @l_flaherty





cmo lenovo twitterDavid Roman, CMO Lenovo, @iamdavidroman





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