Take action, stop the recessionToday we’re taking a break from our usual nurture marketing tips and doing something a little different…

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m tired of all the bad news that seems to be popping up with regularity these days – all the talk about a double-dip recession, stock market drops, federal budget crises and more.

I’m bringing back something we did when the recession first hit, a couple years ago.

Back then I felt a little overwhelmed with what was going on and I decided that the best way to deal with it was to take action. So I put this pledge up on our website and asked people to sign.

The text is below – it’s pretty simple.

If it strikes a chord with you, I hope you’ll sign too. And I hope you’ll share it so other people can sign. You can sign and share here:

I truly believe that if we work together, that we can turn this economy around.

And doing something about it feels a whole lot better than doing nothing.

We’re also going to be making some changes to our Facebook page in the next couple weeks, working to make it a place where people can get help with their nurture marketing programs and where people can go to give help. If you “like” us, you’ll get all the details. (But I’ll probably include them in the newsletter too.)

Here’s the pledge:

I’ve had enough bad news, enough talk of a double-dip recession. Yes, the world has changed. But the world is always changing. I see new opportunities that are available to me and I’m taking advantage of them.

I’m going to take action:

1. I’m going to invest time and effort in growing my own business.
2. I’m going to do something to help someone else grow theirs.
3. Then I’m going to put work aside and have some fun!

Here’s the link again if you’d like to sign too:

One thought on “Join the Revolution

  1. Great post Judy. I’ve joined the revolution and am blogging asking my friends and followers to join.Life is too short for so much gloom and doom. I learned this lesson the hard way. I’m a cancer survivor. The randomness of the Big C taught me doing what I love is really no more risky than searching for something Seth Godin declared as DEAD in Linchpin – security. What is security really? Security is thinking and acting positive even in the face of adversity.

    Last summer I rode a bicycle across America to live a life long dream. Climbing mountains on a bicycle I learned how important my mental state was to getting to the top. Climbing is 99% mental. I created a strategy to slow down, appreciate the hard work and carry on. I also curated my head making sure only positive thoughts swirled around in there. I’m convinced my head curation was more important in keeping my bicycle’s crank turning than anything else.

    Many of my younger friends are discovering this hard won lesson earlier. They look at this time and think they may as well start a company. They’ve done the calculation it took the Big C and 50 years for me to solve. Thanks for starting the right kind of revolution.


    Martin Smith
    Founder, Martin’s Ride To Cure Cancer
    Founder, Cure Cancer Store (opening in January 2012)

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